Monday, December 21, 2009

The Little Things

I woke up on Sunday morning and snuck across the hall to my daughter's room. I slowly cracked the door and peered in at her. She lay motionless in her bed still. After a few quiet seconds, her head whipped to the side and her eyes met mine. Something about that moment reminded me of the many times that would happen when she was younger. Her eyes would light up as if to say, "Mommy!!!" Her face had that same expression it often would when she was a toddler and I would sneak into her room.

I smiled brightly and crawled into her bunk bed with her and we giggled as she told me the story of her bizarre dream from the night before.
Sometimes I find myself wondering how much longer I will get to enjoy moments like these. She is ten and a half now and growing up so very fast. She is a little lady really and I feel so very blessed that she still likes to cuddle up with me on a daily basis.

I find it can be easy to rush through the day and miss these moments. These are the little things that make all the other busy moments worth living through. These are the moments that build the relationships that last a lifetime. This is the laughter that will carry us through the tears and heartache that will certainly be brought about in the later years of parenting. I hope I can be more mindful about capturing these little moments before these days have passed.

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